Flush Wood Plus

Transform your old masonry fireplace with the clean, contemporary design of Flush Wood Plus™ wood insert. With no visible grills or venting, the insert adds a polished touch to a modern décor while serving as a super-efficient heat source. This insert also features the unobstructed air wash system maintaining clarity and cleanliness of the glass year-round. The Flush Wood Plus maintains high-operating temperatures allowing for a clean burn as well as remarkable heat transfer.

The Flush Wood Plus is designed to provide up to 12 hours of heat from a single load of wood and heat up to 2,500 square feet. This ultra-efficient, green fireplace insert is clean burning, non-catalytic, and boasts a 75.2% efficiency as well as an EPA certified 2.6 grams per hour.
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There are many variables to consider in determining what product is the best fit for your home. This worksheet will help your dealer better understand your installation requirements so that you get the best hearth product based on your home layout and heating requirements.

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