AGP Pellet Stove (Avalon)

The Avalon AGP freestanding stove offers all the benefits of wood heating plus fuel that is clean, compact and easy to use. The pellets are made from all-natural wood by-products. They are safe for the environment and are a renewable resource. The AGP freestanding pellet stove is designed to efficiently burn ALL GRADES of wood pellets to produce a quick, convenient heat. The AGP stove is extremely clean-burning, emitting 0.9 grams of emissions per hour and performing at a minimum efficiency of 75%.

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Remotes/ Thermostat /Fans

Basic Remote Control with Holder

Wall Thermostat

Outside Air Kit
Heating Capacity800 to 2,000 Sq. Feet
Glass Size14-3/4" W x 8-9/16" H
Maximum Burn Time57 Hours
Emissions0.9* Grams Per Hour
Hopper Capacity80 Pounds
BTU Range11,480 to 41,000 BTU's / Hour
Burn Rate1.4 to 5 Pounds Per Hour
Minimum Efficiency75+%**
*Emissions number was achieved using the EPA method 5-G and 28A
**Efficiency will vary depending on pellet quality, BTU content and burn rate


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