Avalon Seattle HO (High Output) Gas Fireplace

This break through fireplace offers A choice of three different burner options; the High performance Ember-Fyre burner with choice of ceramic brick or stone liners, the entry level Dancing-Fyre burner with black painted interior or the contemporary Diamond-Fyre burner with chioce of black painted, stainless steel or black enamel liners. The Seattle HO gas fireplace is sure to keep things warmed up year round with a heat output of 35,000 BTU’s and the ability to heat up to 1,400 square feet. The high efficiency fireplace offers a turndown ratio of up to 71% (NG) or 79% (LP). The fireplace also features close clearances to the mantle by incorporating “film cooling” technology. This allows for a more balanced look to the fireplace.
The revolutionary GreenSmart system comes standard with the Seattle HO and includes Comfort Control valve, the concealment door (giving the fireplace a sleek appearance), lit control panel, and interior accent light. The fireplace additionally features a second interior skylight along with the classic interior backlighting for more warmth to your fire and fireplace.

Seattle HO Burning Footage

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Basic Grill Set

Rosario Face

Victorian Lace
Firebacks / Liners

Black Enamel

Reversible Fireback, Herringbone / Weathered Brick, Weathered Brick Side

Reversible Fireback, Herringbone / Weathered Brick, Weathered Brick Side

Rock Creek Fireback

Black Painted Finish

Stainless Steel

Andiron, Lodge Ring

Andiron, Traditional Ring
Remotes/ Thermostat /Fans

GreenSmart Remote Control

Power Heat Duct Kit

Wall Thermostat

Crushed Glass Bronze

Crushed Glass Cobalt

Crushed Glass Platinum

Dancing-Fyre Burner with Log Set

Diamond-Fyre II Burner with Fyre-Stone Kit

Driftwood Fire Art

Ember-Fyre Burner with Log Set
Heating Capacity1,400 Sq. Feet
Maximum BTU Input35,000 BTU's
Steady State Efficiency 72%(NG) 73% (LP)
P4 Canadian Efficiency64% (NG) 66% (LP)
Glass Size564 Sq. Inches
Weight175 Lbs.
Burner SystemChoice of Ember Fyre, Dancing Fyre or Diamond-Fyre


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